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HEARTS OF DARKNESS: 3-07   (1st Run)
FOREVER KNIGHT PRODUCTIONS and Paragon Entertainment Corporation
Dome Productions and Another Large Production, Date: 10/18/95
Sony Pictures Ent; Columbia Tri Star Television Distribution
Executive Producers: James D. Parriott and Jon Slan
Executive Story Editor: Michael Sadowski
Music composed and performed by: Fred Mollin
Written by: J. Daniel Sexton
Directed by: Clay Borris

Promo: 00:30 sec      Hearts Of Darkness        (1st Run)
Narrator -"On the next Forever Knight, a love bite points to a temptress. Is
she a tortured soul or one of the damned? -Forever Knight-"

Promo: 00:10 sec
Narrator -"Has a temptress been seduced by the night? On the next -Forever

Guest Stars: Krista Bridges as Ellen and Kristin Lehman as Urs

- At the Raven, LaCroix shouts in a carnival barker voice that tonight our
  amateurs will reveal their inner selves by GETTING NAKED!
- A sexy young girl does a more than amateur strip dance as a young man
  watches with great interest. --It's horny out!
- Urs watches as she recalls when she used to dance for men that used her,
  back in the early 1900s.
- Urs tells the girl that the man will hurt her, but the girl runs off. Urs
  tells Vachon that the girl wants to be hurt. JV tells Urs to let it go.
- At the man's apartment a girl awakes and finds the man stabbed to death.
- The homicide team arrives to find a shy, afraid girl, Ellen, that can't
  remember anything.
- Nat discovers that the man has also been drained of his blood. She tells
  Nick that a vampire stopped by for num nums and left the girl with a few
  erased gray cells.
- Tracy spots the fang marks, too. --Where's that Vachon!
- In the meanwhile, Urs walks outside the apartment building as she recalls
  when she worked at a bar a long time ago. She sang and danced as Vachon,
  Screed and Bourbon watched.
- Ellen takes a polygraph test, but it shows that she knows nothing.
- A hot headed hockey player, who battered his wife, is being processed.
  Ellen over hears what he did; and she watches with interest.
- Natalie discovers that the vampire, who Nat and Nick think wants to pin
  the murder on Ellen, is a female. --Hmmmm!
- Nick finds a Raven drink coaster at the crime scene and goes to the Raven
  where he spots Tracy talking to Vachon about the case. He hides until she
- Nick asks JV what Tracy wanted and he tells him that she is not used to
  the new wrinkle in her reality.. she sees vampires under every rock.
- Nick tells Vachon to keep an eye on Urs. He asks if she might have been
  protecting the dancer, that JV knew as Monica, by killing the man.
- JV says maybe, Urs doesn't know her own strength!
- Tracy suggests staying with Ellen a few days and maybe she will remember
- Tracy and Nick take Ellen home and Nick spots Urs lurking in the shadows.
- Inside, Nick finds sexy clothes that a shy girl like Ellen wouldn't have.
- Before he leaves, he looks inside Tracy's large overnight bag. She has a
  large cross and some wooden stakes in there. --Tracy is ready!
- Urs overhears Ellen telling Tracy about when her Father left and how
  she wanted to die.
- Urs recalls a man from the past that threatened her with a knife. Vachon
  zipped in and killed him. Urs asked Vachon to feed on her blood and let
  her die. --She was tired of searching for her father in every man.
- Vachon fed, but because he cared for her, he brought her across.
- At this point in the story, things happen that have vampires whooshing
  all over the place!
- Is Urs the killer?
- What is Tracy going to do with the Van Helsing kit?
- What did Nat discover about Ellen and the sexy Monica?
- Who the heck is Jacqueline?

Review **** Lots of vampires, a surprise plot twist, and new possibilities
for a cure of Nick's malediction, make this a very good episode. The story is
a Freudian maze that deals with Fathers leaving their families and how it
brings pain to the daughters who see their fathers in every man that they try
to please with their dancing, singing and sexual favors--only to be used and
hurt by them.

Under the direction of Clay Borris, this story moves along with no major
flaws. It's nice to see that Tracy is solidifying into a realistic character
(It took Schanke almost two seasons to get real). Nick has his hands full
keeping all the vampires, that he knows about, in line. Vachon becomes
frustrated taking Nick's orders, but he realizes that he must do so, for
everyone's sake. Natalie discovers some important information about Ellen.
And the last scene just proves that you can't keep a good vampire down. Nick,
ya gotta stake 'em!

Questions:-- What does Vachon do for a living? Does he have some Inca gold
stashed somewhere? What has caused Screed to become a gutter creature that
lives on rat's blood, when in the past he was a respectful looking member of
Vachon's crew? Where is Bourbon, now? --Something to think about.

Like some, I don't believe that this show is going down in flames. It
continues to entertain and is dealing, very well, with the loss of major
characters from the first two seasons. I am a happy fan. :)

-- Lee

   "This won't hurt a bit! Just open your mouth." -Natalie

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